Clay, Bronze Age bread and tree climbing


Fire challenges and team work

This week it has been all about working as a team. The children worked together to do the fire challenge. This involved laying and lighting a Kelly Kettle to boil water for their hot drink, as well as the tricky job of keeping it lit to toast a marshmallow for a smore. It was particularly nice to see the more confident children supporting those who needed some extra help, in order for everyone to succeed.

Some children turned their pond dipping experience into a clay excavation activity from the lake. They were proud of having collected an entire bucket of clay  and are hoping that Room 13 might like to use it! Others enjoyed playing a variety of games, including making up a few of their own. Stick and pine cone hockey was a winner, even in the high wind and pouring rain!!

Week 3 – we are back on the marsh amidst some pretty incredible weather!

It has been an exciting week filled with visitors from as far away as East London and Southampton! We always enjoy sharing our forest school experiences with new people, especially when they are hoping to go back to their schools and set up a forest school themselves. We have lit Kelly Kettle fires, made elder jewellery, made boats from greenwood, made pizzas, played games and climbed trees. All superb fun!

Our most extreme weather since the big freeze in March occurred on Monday. Our Y4 children were on the marsh when some unexpected torrential rain fell for almost an hour. We not only survived the severe wet but thrived! All of the adults were extremely proud at how resilient the children were – not a single moan and we continued our activities, including lighting the fire!!!

Spider web weaving, archery, bird watching and hot dogs

For week 2 we have been on the school field and in the park. This was due to staff illness and although we always love to be on the marsh, we still had lots of fun. In the park we played games, collected litter and kindling, explored and watch birds with Sedley.

It was interesting to see so many more birds on the lake than before half term. Sedley explained this is because all the birds have stopped mating now and are coming to England for the winter. We saw great crested grebes, swans, coots, heron, cormorant, mallard, gulls and widgeon, as well as lots of our regular garden birds: collard dove, magpie and sparrows.

The chefs made hot dogs with onions and ketchup. It was a firm favourite with everyone! Our creative children produced the most gorgeous spider web weaving on two sticks. They were superb at helping and teaching each other.

Archery is always a popular game at forest school; the children enjoyed making up their own target scores and did some great mental maths to keep their own score.

Welcome to Autumn on the marsh and our new groups of children

Blustery autumn winds with a definite sharp nip in the air greeted us on the marsh this week. The strong northerly winds welcomed our new Y4 and Y6 children back to forest school, which was perfect for flying our kites that we made. 

Cinnamon apples and pears were prepared and cooked on the fire by the children and were appreciated by all of us. The Y6 children impressed us with how independent and comfortable they were from the start. They even remembered all the fire safety rules! We are delighted to be using the tepee tent as a wind shelter – it was great for huddling inside to drink the hot chocolates.

Wonderful Wednesday Y4 children feedback their thoughts on forest school

Wonderful Wednesday’s forest school feedback

What three words describe how you feel when you are at forest school?

Free, enjoyable, joyful, happy, wonderful, adventurous, amazing, excited

What have you enjoyed most at forest school?

Climbing trees, getting to be free, eating the food, making fires, playing happily with others, making things, cooking, building a den, making hot drinks, clay modeling, doing the nature activities, watching the birds.

What have you learnt at forest school?

All about nature, that animals are important, not turn your back to the fire and to stay safe, that nature is important, how to forage, how to be kind, how to not hurt nature.

What did you like about working on the marsh?

That it’s calm, bird watching, cooking on the fire, I can’t decide – all of it, everything.

How do you feel about nature?

Free, joyful, interested, I feel like it is amazing, happy, nature is cool.

Tuesday forest school feedback

Tremendous Y4 Tuesday Children 

Describe how you feel when you are at forest school.

Friendly, happy, proud, fun, enjoyable, safe, excited, wonderful, free, calm, amazing, relaxed, joyful, active

What are the things you have enjoyed most at forest school?

Making a den, eating new things, being a chef, Viking knitting, the nature games, friendship bracelets, eating smores, the sit spot, pond dipping, archery, making spider web weaving, spear throwing, making a new friend, everything.

What have you learnt at forest school?

If you don’t know someone- don’t be sad because you make friends with them at forest school, how to play new games, lots of things, how to cook, that nature can be used to do joyful things, about nature, stay out of the reeds, that nature is always good, how to make a Kelly Kettle fire, teamwork, bird watching, the five fire rules, being safe at forest school.

What did you like about working on the marsh?

Spending time outside, it’s nice and warm! Lighting the fire, it’s a relaxing place, everything, it’s a better place for a sit spot, we have space, you have time to be with your friends, making new friends, doing lots of different activities.

How do you feel about nature?

Happy, calm, good, relaxed, wonderful, amazed, great, free, it makes me feel happy, I love nature, joyful!


Terrific Tuesday’s Y6 forest school feedback

Describe how you feel when you are at forest school.

Calm, peaceful, free, emotional, interested, happy, excited, glad, wonderful, grateful, adventurous, full of life, safe, energetic, fun, tired, wild, joyful, comfortable, creative.

What are the things you have enjoyed most at forest school?

Enjoying nature, eating, playing, making new friends, doing the Kelly Kettles, making hot drinks for everyone, green wood working, clay, shelter building, playing the ‘Wolf and Deer’ game, cooking with others, archery, bird watching, how to build a fire and keep it going, the safety rules, pond dipping, it’s peaceful.

What have you learnt at forest school?

About a variety of birds and insects, how to make a fire on my own, I’ve learnt about nature, how to be peaceful, playing with new people, the rules of nature, how to survive, to care about nature, that you can do anything, how to cook, fire safety, different bugs, how to craft and make things from wood and nature, a lot, safety rules and how to cook and make hot drinks, that nature is important.

What did you like about working on the marsh?

I liked learning about different stuff, I’m outside, that you’re free, that you get to see nature, being with nature, I like it a lot, to be at peace with nature, feeling free, to do things that some schools don’t, I play with people from others classes- sometimes it is difficult, everything, learning about fire safety rules, being outside and fun things happen, I found it interesting, playing in nature, it’s peaceful.

How do you feel about nature?

Calm, good from being in it, I feel peaceful, I feel calm about nature, happy, I love nature, interested and fascinated- it’s cool, relaxed, I love nature and I am one with nature, love it, happy to be in it, I like that nature does not hurt me, I feel awesome!