A wonderful day with 6P at Forest School

6P really enjoyed the freedom ofbeing back on the marsh together with their class adults. They bug hunted and found lots of different mini beasts as well as a rat’s skul, complete with teeth!

The chefs did a grand job of foraging for stinging nettles and preparing nettle pakoras, whilst others helped fry the pakoras over the campfire. The spear throwing and pond dipping were popular activities and a range of water creatures were caught.

In the afternoon, we visitied the park to play, climb trees make daisy chains, dens and litter pick.Thank you

Marvellous 6M return to the Marsh

What a fantastic day we have enjoyed with 6M at forest school. As you can see from the fantastic photos, which one of the children took, it was a beautiful sunny day and the children and adults really relaxed and played together. The kindness and gentleness between them was a pleasure to see. Some interesting aquatic creatures were found and in the afternoon some beautiful wool stick weavings were made. Thank you 6M for a fabulous day!

6S return to the marsh

Today we enjoyed a gloriously sunny and windy day on the marsh this morning and the park in the afternoon. 6S were delighted to be able to spend all day together at forest school, alongside Ms Somerville and Ms Seath. The wild wind made both cooking and the fire building and lighting a challenge but the children used their team work skills to ensure they succeeded in both.

Lots of different water and land creatures were caught, viewed, identified and respectfully released. The pond dipping and bug hunting were very popular activities. Nettles were foraged and used to make delicious nettle pakoras. Helen has given Ms Somerville the recipe so 6S can cook them at home too. We are looking forward to working together again next Monday.

4M on the marsh

Today was 4M’s last session and we spent the morning on the marsh and the afternoon in the park. It was a relaxed and fun final day together. There was excellent team work and the chefs produced exceptionally good chocolate bannock! One of the children discovered a large bird egg shell, which had sadly been eaten by a fox; it was a lovely piece of FS treasure. Digging clay from the bank of the lake was chilly but lots of fun and helped us make the seed bombs. In the park we litter picked, climbed trees, made dens, made friendship bracelets and played ‘Deer & Wolf’.

Wild wind on the marsh

It was a wonderful full power wind today for our final session of the year with 4FC. We embraced the joy of it and had great fun together. On the marsh we dug out clay from the bank of the lake with our hands and used it to model with, as well as using it to mix with compost and wild flower seeds to make seed bombs. We did bird watching, which was tricky as a lot of the birds were sheltering out of the wind. Our chefs prepped the chocolate bannock, which was a huge success. In the park we climbed trees, made natural crafts, litter picked, den built and played games. Thank you 4FC for such a fabulous day!

4M dancing in the rain!

Today was a very different sort of weather day on the beach and with it, it brought along it’s own fun! As it was a bit rainy, we rigged up a shelter with a massive tarp and some string. This provided us with shelter when necessary but also a new play space too. The high tide changed the shape of the beach whilst we were there and we made full use of the high tide pool for paddling in the rain. So much pleasure was taken from the flotsom and Jetsom of the beach clean with some great jewellery and mobiles created. 4M were a super bunch and worked so well as a team walking to and from school with the trolleys.

Beach life with 4FC – paddling, ice-creams and a lot of fun!

What another incredible day we had today with 4FC. They were brilliant at embracing the Wild Beach vibes. The super moon created a very high tide and brought with it a magical tide pool! We paddled in the super chilly water, did a beach clean and used the flotsam and jetsom to make boats and sculptures. Stone balancing went to another level with a group effort of 11 stones!Our stone silhouettes were really fun and a real team effort. Well done 4FC.

4DP living their best life on the beach today!

Today forest school went to the beach for a Wild Beach Day. The resilient children walked the 2 miles to and from school without a single moan! It was absolutely wonderful when we arrived as while the children were having a snack we saw a seal swimming (see photo above)!!

We spent the day on beach number 89, which is our school’s adopted beach, where we started the day with a beach clean. It was very nice to see that we have been such great guardians that there was hardly any litter to pick and therefore we had to go along to neighbouring beaches. Two members of the public gave the children a round of applause for their hard work.

We had lots of fun activities for the children to choose from: stone throwing, shell collecting and identifying, shell and pebble jewellery, scavenged items mobiles, positive affirmation stonesand pebble balancing. A truly wonderful day to remember!

Y4 back on the marsh!

What a fabulous way to return to school after the holidays! The sun has shone and we have returned to the marsh after the winter break. It was glorious to watch the swans and coots on the lake, pond dip, bug hunt, craft and forage for nettles. We used the nettles to make delicious nettle pakoras, cooked over the campfire – everyone tried them and almost everyone loved them; some people even had thirds! In the afternoon we went to the park to climb trees, play hide and seek games and build dens. It was very special to be out all day together as a whole class with all the adults from that class too.

Y3 mulch the trees they planted before Xmas

Y3 working very hard digging the wood chips to spread around the base of the sappling trees they planted in December. Teamwork and hard work were evident with all the children.

Here are 3P enjoying the mulching…