Nature Connections 63 – ‘Into the Wild’ Photo Competition

This is a fabulous chance to take a closer look at nature. Sussex Wildlife Trust’s annual photo competition encourages you to look at the nature around you, here in Sussex. See details below:


July 2020

2020 Photo Competition

Our photo competition is open for entries and this year’s theme is Into the Wild.

We are looking for 12 stunning photographs capturing the best of the wildlife and landscapes of Sussex. We’d love to see your local wildlife shots, showing us the vibrant and varied nature of Sussex.

You can submit up to three photos on our website. First prize is £100 cash. All 12 finalists’ photographs will feature in our 2020 online calendar, social media and Wildlife magazine.

Enter our photo competition
For full rules please visit this webpage for the competition’s terms and conditions
What are the rules?
  • You can enter up to three images
  • Images must be in landscape format only
  • Images must be a minimum of 4 MB in size

Nature Connections 62 – #BigOutdoorArtChallenge

This week, why not take part in #BigOutdoorArtChallenge? It is a national challenge during Children’s Art Week (7th – 12th July) inspiring children to explore nature and use natural materials to create an art masterpiece. 

1.Collect natural items from around the garden, beach or local park- leaves, sticks, grass, seeds,berries, petals, stones, pebbles,bark, small branches of greenery, shells, seed pods etc.
2. Place your nature items in a pile – you can add sand, mud, chalk, rope and arrange them in patterns, textures, colours or pictures. There are no rules for what to create, anything goes! It can be very large or very small, 3D or 2D.

Take a photograph of the artwork and send in your photos to your class teacher and they can be entered in to the competition.

Nature Connections 61 – Day 30 Wild!

Here is the final day of Sussex Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild. I hope you have enjoyed this month of ‘Random Acts of Wildness’. It has been great to see all the different ideas on offer. Remember there are always plenty of ideas on SWT’s website. 

Nature Connections 60 – Day 29 Wild!

A surprisingly satisfying and positive activity, which will make you appreciate how each of us are connected with nature. Not just our impact as humans within it but the opportunity for each of us to contribute to make positive changes. 

Nature Connections 59 – Day 28 Wild

Today’s activity can be revisited throughout the year. This gives an interesting picture of what arrives and leaves during the different seasons. Why not draw a map of the wildlife you can see today and do the same activity in October, February and April next year, to see what has changed and what has stayed the same?


Nature Connections 58- Day 26 Wild

This activity could be done on your own or as a scavenger hunt with others. You could even us a camera or Smart phone to record the different colours you find. Remember, they all have to be colours from nature.

Nature Connections 57 – Day 26 Wild

What a great idea! We all probably would benefit from doing this more. Try it today.

Nature Connections 56 – Day 25 Wild

Drawing is a calming and mindful activity that can really help us slow down and change our focus. This can be a helpful way to relax. If you aren’t able to get out and see a wild landscape then use your imagination or memory to create one. 

Nature Connections 56 – Day 24 Wild

Take a look on the Sussex Wildlife Trust website for ideas and information as to how to build a wild home.

Nature Connections 55 – Day 23 Wild

Foraging for some natural resources in your garden or local park or beach, will undoubtedly produce some exciting and beautiful natural treasure. Remember to leave all things growing alone and only forage for found natural objects.