Wild Wellbeing at West Rise

Wild Wellbeing is a new group that was set up by Mrs Stringfellow. This exciting project, which runs on a Tuesday afternoon, is used to increase confidence, teambuilding and develop friendships; it takes place outside rather than being cooped up indoors like a hen. This lovely project started in Term 5 and is made up from two small Year 4 groups. Even though Mrs Stringfellow is known for doing Forest School and working outside, this group is completely different.

On Tuesday afternoons, in the Studio garden or school field, the Wild Wellbeing groups meet up for 45 minutes. So far the children have enjoyed:
Feeding the animals,organising the eggs(checking the freshness of each egg with a jug of water),playing teambuilding games and planting flower and salad seeds in a pot.

Before the group started, Mrs Stringfellow asked parents for donations of seeds and wood (for a raised flower bed). Thankfully, Mrs Stringfellow was overwhelmed by the amount of packets of seeds and a large donation of wood from Dylan Tester`s dad. Also, Oliver Pitwell`s dad responded to a request for help to build a raised flower bed. He started on one of the wettest days this summer!!!

Mrs Stringfellow wants to say a huge thank you for the generous donations and kind support for this new group. 



Final Forest School For Year 3

During the final Monday session there was persistent, heavy rain, which was slightly disappointing, however the children knew that the soil and the plants needed the water so they didn’t mind. This week will be the last for these Year 3 forest school groups; it will be very exciting for the FS staff to see them again when they’re in Year 4.

On Monday, one member of the team (Lisa) was off sick, however luckily Sedley (our FS bird watcher) came to fill in temporarily for her.

It was a very different session today split over two sites, the marsh and the school field. Over at the marsh the children did: bird watching with Sedley, pond dipping with Paul, litter picking with Helen. The second half was at the school field the children prepared: delicious pizzas’, built and lit a fire in the rain, made boiling hot drinks and completed there feedback forms.




A week of sunshine and showers

This week we’ve had a real mix of summer sunshine, cloudy, wind, showers and no wind! It has meant that each group has had a slightly different experience of the activities on offer as we adapted them to suit the weather. However, all groups enjoyed making feather vanes to see the wind direction, prepared and cooked delicious cheese and curry drop scones, built and lit the fire, as well as litter picking.

The sunshine Monday and Wednesday groups made natural paints from berries and charcoal., while the wet rainy Tuesday group put up the tepee tent and enjoyed story telling and a flour trail. It was a very relaxed and fun week with the children really showing how confident and capable they are at forest school.


An Elderflower Extravaganza!

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What an exciting week! The weather has been so nice and we have learnt so much about foraging this week. We foraged for leaves and flowers to create beautiful leaf and flower prints. We call this leaf bashing but its actual name is Hapa Zome and it is a Japanese art form.

We also foraged for elderflowers – this was to make delicious elderflower cordial and elderflower fritters. We were thrilled that all the children tried the new tastes and most loved them!

Making clay boggarts was also extremely popular and the children were very creative with their individual characters they produced.

Happy half term and we look forward to seeing you after a well earned rest. Don’t forget to go on some outdoor adventures yourself and tell us all about it when you come back to school.

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Week two with the new Y3 children

It’s only week 2 with our new Y3 children and they are already confident with the fire building and lighting. This week we made the most of the abundance of stinging nettles growing and foraged them to make stinging nettle tea and crisps. Although many of the children were unsure of the idea, they were pleasantly surprised by how tasty the crisps were- less so by the tea!

Farewell to our fabulous Year 5 children – what a joy!

It has been a very enjoyable couple of winter months; the weather has been very kind to us but mostly due to the wonderful enthusiasm and motivation of the Y5 children. Thank you to you all- we will miss working with you but look forward to seeing you again in Y6.

Here are some of their feedback thoughts and ideas about their forest school experience.

Y5 FS Feedback comments – Mondays

Which words describe how you feel at forest school?

Happy, free, calm, relaxed, enthusiastic, wild, thankful, fun, adventurous, excited, cool, creative.

Which activities have you enjoyed the most?

Cooking, adventuring, woodworking, whittling, fire lighting, foraging, puddles, the food, team challenge games, exploring, building the fire, archery, being with my friends.

What have you learnt at forest school?

The fire safety rules, archery, how to build up my resilience/ perseverance, how to work with wood, how to build and light a fire, how to look after nature, make new friends, to know what to do outside.

What did you like about working on the marsh?

I have a break from my BFF and spend time with other people, that you can be really creative, getting muddy, you get to do more cool stuff, it’s near the wildlife, that you feel free, looking at the lake, exploring, that you can see the animals and birds.

How do you feel about nature?

Grateful, good that nature is around us, I feel happy we have it, I feel amazed with nature, I feel good about it, happy because it is quite relaxing.

Y5 forest school feedback comments -Tuesday
  1. I thought that forest school was…
Amazing – 9
Great – 5
  1. The best things about forest school were…
Making friends, eating the yummy food, archery, cooking, woodworking, Mrs Stringfellow, the choice of activities, making hot drinks together.
  1. The worst things about forest school were….
Wearing waterproofs, nothing, washing hands when it was cold, the sit spot at the start – I just wanted to get going on the activities, the weather.
  1. Something I learned at forest school:
Working with other people, making a fire in the Kelly kettle, how to be good at archery, how to cook, how to light a fire, how to feel more confident, that nature id lovely, how to be safe near water, learnt about nature and birds, to be more creative than ever.
5. Since going to forest school my team work has …
Got much better – 10
Got a little better – 3
Stayed the same – 1
  1. I find talking in front of the whole class…
A lot easier than before – 6
A little easier than before – 5
The same as always – 3
  1. I found being able to choose what I wanted to do …
Brilliant – 9
OK – 3
Confusing – 1
  1. Write 3 words to describe how you feel when you are at forest school:
Calm, happy, exhausted, amazed, awesome, playful, relaxed, friendly, joyful, kind, great, not lonely, surprised, grateful.

Y5 forest school feedback comments –Wednesday group

  1. I thought that forest school was…

Amazing – 8

Great – 5

OK – 1


  1. The best things about forest school were…

Tons of fun, learning new skills, eating new food, the calmness, the experience, making things from wood, the activities, the puddles, FS hockey, building the fire, being outside, cooking, woodworking being a chef.


  1. The worst things about forest school were….

When I fell in a puddle and it was pretty cold, nothing.


  1. Something I learned at forest school:

How to make a sword, knife skills, perseverance, whittling, cooking, how to be adventurous, building a successful fire, that being outside isn’t so bad, how to use different tools.


  1. During forest school I got better at:

The fire safety rules, making friends, cooking, building a fire, speaking up in front of people, whittling, friendship, life experiences,


  1. Since going to forest school my team work has …

Got much better – 9

Got a little better – 5

Stayed the same – 0


  1. I find talking in front of the whole class…

A lot easier than before – 3

A little easier than before – 8

The same as always – 3


  1. I found being able to choose what I wanted to do …

Brilliant – 11

OK – 3

Confusing – 0


  1. Write 3 words to describe how you feel when you are at forest school:

Safe, relaxing, calm, joyful, happy, amazed, chilled, peaceful, excited, grateful, fun, adventurous, free, playful

Litter picking at Langney Priory

This week has been an exciting one with a difference- we have been eco warriors. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday morning clearing the Priory garden of litter and brambles. Forest School were delighted to be invited to help out with the new community project, in the heart of Langney, to clear part of the garden area in preparation for the community open day on Saturday 27th April. This is a free event and is open to everyone. There will be an Easter Egg Hunt, crafts, stalls, music, refreshments and the opportunity to see inside the hidden gem of a building – Eastbourne’s oldest building!

The forest school children were lucky enough to have a tour inside the chapel and Grand Hall. It was all very impressive.

We managed to fill over 20 bags of rubbish and a large area of brambles. We were very proud of the children’s enthusiasm to help clear up and their excellent behaviour.

Well done everyone!