Y6 and Y5 play hard in the Park

Snow! Glorious Snow!

We were absolutely delighted to find ourselves playing in the snow on Monday. We would have dearly loved a few more metres of the white stuff but everyone certainly made the most of what we had! We studied the individual snowflakes , played in the snow, had snowball fights and just messed around having a lot of fun. We are really hoping to see more snow before the end of winter.

A wild, wet and wonderful walk!

Today we took full advantage of our beautiful marsh and walked the entire circular route. It was an hour and a half of wild wind and wet weather and we loved it! The Y6 children enjoyed taking the adventure sticks with them to explore all the many flooded areas and puddles on the marsh. We even discovered a dead fox and sheep. We finished our walk witha hot chocolate and biscuit back on the school playground, which was weel deserved.

In the afternoon, the Y5 bubble had the joy of blue skies and sunshine for their adventure walk. We discovered the same dead fox and bird but also lots of lovely living animals and birds. Have a look at the photos below:

Lockdown Forest School

Everything has changed again this term at forest school. Due to the lockdown, we have 100 children in school and there are 9 different bubbles. Each Monday, Lisa and I work with Year 4 in the morning and Year 3 in the afternoon. On Fridays, we have Year 6 in the morning and Year 5 in the afternoon. These lucky children are getting a forest school session every week.

We have been experiencing a new space in the park as the marsh is still too flooded. It is a lovely spot we haven’t explored before and the children are absolutley loving! The large number of trees in the area allow for lots of fun den building and hiding games. Another very popular activity has been planting primroses and bluebells. This is part of the Treebourne Project in Sevenoaks Park. The children also did a massive litter pick the first week back as sadly the area was covered in rubbish. We are now doing a weekly litter pick and keeping the area looking nice and being safer for local residents and wildlife alike.

Below are photos of just some of the activities we have enjoyed.

Y3 are tree planting with Treebourne

What a fabulous way to end the forest school year of 2020 than to be planting trees for the future! We were pleased to be asked by the Treebourne charity to help them plant trees in Sevenoaks Park. Every child in the school will be able to plant a tree for their future. It is a wonderful way for the children to be involved ina community project that will benefit everyonelocally for generations to come.

The planting started on Saturday 5th December and finishes on Sunday 24th January 2021. 10,000 native trees will be planted. On Monday morning 3L managed to plant an impressive 58 trees between the 15 children and the afternoon 12 children planted 44. Their enthusiasm and enjoyment was a pleasure to see. Well done!

The photos below of our 3P children enjoying the winter sun with tree planting. The morning group managed to plant 65 trees and the afternoon group 59! They worked incredibly hard and were great at team work. A total of 114 trees were planted on Tuesday.

3T were fascinated with the large quantity of worms they discovered and were delighted to create a worm house to put them in to keep them safe. The morning session planted a massive 71 trees and worked well as a team, the afternoon group planted 38.

The total number of trees planted for the whole of Y3 was 325! These are the different types of trees which have been planted:


Y4 explore!

This week we spent half the time on the marsh and half the session in the park. The children loved being eco warriors and were proud to litter pick to improve the environment for humans and nature alike. They also learnt green wood-working skills to cut and split wood to make a keyring.

Above are photos from 4FC enjoying the winter sunshine.

Above are 4M having a fabulous time in the cold, northerly wind. They were very resilient!

Y5 – adventuring, spear throwing, Rune trails and more.

5G above loved the spear throwing competition, as well as the ‘Crack the code’ Rune trail. They particularly enjoyed burning the finished code on the fire so no one else could see it. Some of the children were particularly skillful with their knife whittling to make the spears. We all enjoyed the smokey beans on toast snack cooked over the fire.

Above are photos from 5H’s day on the marsh. The puddles were still popular!

The photos above are from 5T

Y3 adventuring, bird watching, quoits and fire building on the marsh.

What great exploration we have had! The children really enjoyed adventuring over the marsh as it was the first time for a lot of them to be there. Some children chose to take an adventure stick to explore the depth of the puddles and two children even got stuck in the mud!

Bird watching was popular and the children were able to identify a heron, coot and herring gulls. It was only the second time for Y3 to do forest school and yet they can already remember the 4 fire safety rules and successfully built and lit an upside down fire, even in the rain.

Below are the photos from 3P

Here are 3T enjoying themselves below.

Y4 are back – planting, bird feeders and kite flying

It has been great to have Y4 back at forest school. We embraced the 42 mph gusts of wind this week and abandoned our original plans to fly kites. And they really did fly! We also spent some time planting daffodil bulbs at the front of the school. These were kindly donated by a parent and we will look forward to seeing their cheerful blooms in spring.

The children were thrilled to be ableto visit the marsh, now the fence is completed and were surprised to see how deep the puddles were. We also used some of the pine cones we had collected last time to make bird feeders to take home.

See below for photos from Tuesday’s 4FC class

Below are the photos from 4M who were lucky enough to go to the marsh for the whole session. We loved it!

Yippee we are back on the marsh again!

“The best classroom and the richest classroom is roofed only by the sky.” Marget MC Millan

It is with great delight that we are back on the marsh again. Y5 are the first year group since lockdown to have their forest school immersed on our beautiful marsh. The fencing is complete and is looking and feeling good. The sun shone on Monday and treated us to a warm day. Our new trolleys came into their own and enabled us to transport all the equipment to the marsh independently; including the firewood and water.

We built fire for hot chocolate and popcorn for the first time in ages and it was great to feel more back to our usual selves. The crows were particularly grateful for the popcorn leftovers and waited patiently until we had left before flocking down for a feast! Playing games together was fun and some of the children got creative with elder.

Below are pictures from 5G

Below are photos from 5H

Below are the photos of a very wet 5T!